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Our Story

The company was founded in the 50’s by the Kariyo family and it has undertaken an extraordinary journey up to now. In 1994 we became the market pioneer and leader in Turkey and neighboring countries, in the manufacturing and distribution of Fine Hosiery garments, introducing all the novelties to fulfill the newly arising needs of the modern consumers, so creating a very strong and trustful relationship with them, which constitued the basis of Penti future success, when we introduced new Innerwear categories.In the beginning of 2000’s, we started opening Penti Stores gradually in Turkey.

In 2011 we opened our 1st international Penti Store in Romania. 2012 has been a landmark year for us, as we became partners with the major US private equity company Carlyle. In the following years, we established our leadership in all Innerwear categories (Underwear, Beachwear, Homewear, Fine Hosiery, Socks), mostly for Women but also for Kids (2018) and Men (2019), as part of the daily needs of purchase of our female customers.

Since 2018, we started our digital transformation journey, which has placed us in a very advantageous position in 2020 when pandemic occured, as digitalization became a way of life with no end. We are reimaging retail in order to know every single customer as an individual, putting her at the center of all our engagement activities, aligning all the sales channels around her to be able to sell everywhere and, to do that, creating an agile and intelligent supply chain able to fulfill her needs on real time.

Today Penti is determined to swiftly proceed along the journey to become an International omnichannel expert in Innerwear and Bodywear with the expansion in every close-to the-skin fitting categories, so including also Comfortwear and Activewear, as well as up to over 40 countries out of Turkey.



Founded by Kariyo Family in 1950.

Penti brand established in 1984.

Pioneer & market leader since 1994.

Brand-new factory in 1995.

First Penti Store in 1999.

Added Intimates and Beachwear to portfolio in 2007.

Penti.com launch in 2007.


Multi-category product portfolio.

The number one Innerwear brand with the biggest market share in every core category in Turkey.

First international Penti Store in Romania in 2011.

Partnership with Carlyle Group in 2012.

Launched StarCard Loyalty program in 2016.

Penti Young (for kids) and Penti Men in 2018 and 2019.

Comfortwear and Activewear categories in 2019.


3mn+ active StarCard members in 2021.

Unified Omni-Channel: Single Customer View Marketing Automation Integrated Sales Channels all around the customer. (Store, On-line, CRM, POS Clienteling, Mobile App, Call Center, Social Network) Digitalized Supply Chain.

Organic and inorganic international growth.


To become a Leading Innerwear & Bodywear Brand in every market we operate, by carrying on our consumer centric unified Omni-channel transformation and International expansion.


We are the Expert Innerwear & Bodywear brand dedicated to Women and we work to support, entertain and constantly inspire women along their journey of life.<