Tango Red Full Lace String Bottom

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Are you ready for a more assertive underwear style with the bold design of Full Lace String Panties? Bringing the magnificent beauty of lace to your skin, Full Lace String Panties take your breath away with their extraordinary design. The transparent fabric with lace motifs adorning the front reveals the impressive beauty of her skin. The string cut of the Full Lace String Panties, which leaves your hips completely exposed, reaches its peak of appeal. While it leaves a striking effect in its style with the laces that connect the front and back, it adds an eye-catching touch to its style with the lace embroidery extending beyond its borders. Full Lace String Panties, which leave a delicate feeling on your skin all day long with their soft texture, make every moment you live more special. You can create a unique set by completing the Full Lace String Panties, which bring your self-confident stance to your underwear style, with the Full Lace Triangle Bralette!
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₺54,95 ₺34,95
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