Earth Colors 3In1 Highwaist Slip Bottom

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How about adding colorful pieces to your underwear drawer with Earth Colors 3-Piece Highwaist Slip Panties? Earth Colors 3-pack Highwaist Slip Panties; It brings together three models in pink, brown and cream colors. Beautiful models, each more beautiful than the other, are indispensable for underwear combinations with their minimalist designs. Earth Colors 3-Piece Highwaist Slip Panties offer a perfect posture by comfortably hugging your hips and waist thanks to its high-waisted brief cut. It pampers your skin with its soft cotton texture and always gives you peaceful feelings. With its flexible structure, it frees your movements and allows you to feel much more comfortable all day long. Earth Colors 3-Piece Highwaist Slip Panties will win your love with their stylish design and comfortable structure!
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₺99,95 ₺74,96 %25
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