Celeste Bralet

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Celeste Bralet invites you to a unique experience with its extraordinary design! Celeste Bralet, decorated with romantic touches of flower motifs, reveals the clear beauty of your skin with its transparent texture. Celeste Bralet, which crowns your elegance with lace embroidery extending from under the breast to your back, offers you a breathtaking look with its fascinating style. It wraps your skin in a unique harmony and gives your breasts a more beautiful and aesthetic appearance. While it makes your body feel freer with its flexible structure, it takes the most suitable form for your body thanks to its adjustable straps. The soft and light fabric of Celeste Bralet warms you up all day long with the warm feelings it creates on your skin. You can create a great combination by wearing the Celeste Bralet, which promises a striking underwear style, and the Rusty Lace Brazilian Panties together.
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₺59,95 ₺49,95
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