Black BU4U Basic Jegging

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How about pamper yourself with BU4U Basic Jegging Tights? BU4U Basic Jegging Tights, one of the dazzling pieces in Penti's BU4U collection, gives your style a very stylish look. Emphasizing the importance of being yourself for yourself, BU4U Basic Jegging Tights hugs your body delicately and reveals the flawless beauty of your lines. BU4U Basic Jegging Tights, which you can easily put on and take off with its front buttoned model, adds a striking interpretation to your style with the BU4U logo on the button. It reflects comfort to your body all day long with its flexible band surrounding the waist. It brings you a modern style with its cut that leaves your wrists exposed. BU4U Basic Jegging Tights, which leave a soft feeling on your skin all day long with their cotton fabric, promise you a peaceful experience. You can wear BU4U Basic Jegging Tights, which allow you to be the focus of all eyes with your style at any time of the day, with the BU4U Seamless Sports Bra if you wish!
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₺179,95 ₺71,98 %60
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