Multi Colour Teeny Daisy Seamless 2in1 Sport Tank Top

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Teen Daisy Seamless 2-pack Sports Tank Top will be the favorite of stylish girls! Teen Daisy Seamless 2-pack Sports Tank Top; It brings together two sports athlete models, one in lilac and the other in white. Sports athletes, which offer a dynamic look with their striped fabric, gain a cute style by being decorated with daisy patterns from head to toe. Teen Daisy Seamless 2-Piece Sports Undershirt, which hugs the body without squeezing thanks to its flexible structure, pampers the sensitive skin of girls with its soft texture. It manages to remain stable even in the most active moments with its thick straps that hold onto the shoulders nicely and the elastic band that goes under the chest and gently grasps the body. Girls will enjoy sporty elegance without compromising on comfort with the Teen Daisy Seamless 2-pack Sports Tank Top!
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₺169,95 ₺84,97 %50
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